Getting Around

St. Augustine is a very walkable city.  From the Southernmost point to the city gates, a walk might take around 20-30 minutes.  Most people confine their activities to the Downtown Historic area, which we are right in the middle of.  St. George Street is a pedestrian only street and houses lots of boutiques, restaurants and bars.

The Beaches are 4 miles away and for Europeans it’s walking distance.  In America we have a general rule of thumb “If it’s longer than the length of your car, take the car.”  There are a few bicycle and moped rental places just a few blocks from us.  There is some public transportation, known as the Sunshine Bus, which operates every day except Sunday.


A good option if you’re going to be here for more than a couple of days is this Historic Tours of America Trolley service.  They have a trolley that comes every 15 minutes to numerous stops in town, and that also includes a Beach Bus which runs to the beaches every hour.

The nearest large grocery store is Winn Dixie, about two miles from the Pirate Haus.  Close to that is Sprockets Bike Shop which offers a bicycle boxing and shipping service.